Cinema and Television Dubbing

Dubbing is the process of replacing the original dialogue of an audiovisual work with dialogue recorded in a different language in order to make the new audience experience it as though it were originally created in their language. The best dubbing is dubbing that people don’t notice. To get that, we give care to the balance between the text’s coherence and its naturalness in the target language.

Audio Dubbing

Perfect Sound has been working in the audiovisual sector since 2010. If you have a project, contact us and we will help you find the most efficient solution for your needs.

We have three recording and mixing rooms designed and built by the company iA2: ingeniería acústica that are arranged to obtain the greatest dubbing results in every audiovisual work. We also have a large professional staff, which makes our services the perfect solution for your audiovisual projects.

Our Cinema and TV Dubbing Services

With thousands of minutes of audiovisual content dubbed, Perfect Sound has shown itself capable of meeting the highest quality standards in this sector. Our suite of recording and mixing rooms, designed by acoustic engineers to be identical, give us optimal recording and mixing results.


Some of our staff members are internal artistic directors and audio engineers that help us to develop all the necessary services for dubbing your audiovisual project.

Voice over

We provide voiceover services that allow you to add live or prerecorded voices for radio, TV, cinema, or any other audiovisual work.


Just as for video games, we offer translation services for cinema and TV. We rely on a vast team of translators who specialize in audiovisual works and can cover a great number of language combinations and genres.


Our subtitling service adds extra value to movies, TV series, documentaries, etc. We also provide transcription and adjustment services so our clients can get a complete product which meets all of their needs.